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All around Practice skirt

This skirt is made of an 8 panels design with inserted godets to add flair and movement to the legs. 

Its length and cut allow you to use it for both latin/rhythm as well as standard/smooth. It is a very versatile item. 


CHOOSE your belt pattern and bring a little bit of personality to your skirt. Available in stock: black skirt fabric and 3 different designs for the belt as shown in picture on the left. 


Tailoring also available : length of the skirt, waist size, color of inserts and color of the belt. 


Price : $70 + shipping 

Latin/Rhythm practice skirt


Coming soon! 


Design is currently being finalized. I am imagining an fitting cut, knee length, in black stretch fabric, using an interesting and originally created pattern. Very little flair. Comfortable and sexy. 


Price: TBD

Standard/Smooth practice skirt


Coming soon!


This design will be based on a 6 or 8 panel skirt pattern, ankle length. Fitted through mid-thigh and flaired towards the feet. Comfortable, heavy and nice drape. 


Price: TBD


Ballroom Practice Collection


I am working on these models with several important ideas in mind:

- practice apparel should be versatile, comfortable, easy to handle and comfortable to wear. I am choosing nice, smooth and stretch fabric that drapes well, doesn't wrinkle and cleans easily. 

- personalizing your cloting is still possible by proposing different material combinations 

- Patterns are fitted and flattering, because you need to look good. Build your confidence as you build your dance skills!

- Contact me by email for any order or question:



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