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The Best Ballroom Practice shoes...

I have been in the footwear business the past 20 years, and spent a few of these retailing dance footwear. The one model/brand that i found absolutely extraordinary was the Ray Rose Breeze shoe. Besides being by far out best seller, the shoe actually proved to be the most comfortable and durable product for women. We all know how ballroom can be hard on the feet, but ladies don't have to cram their feet into competition footwear all the time. When comes practice time, the breeze become really good allies to your feet. And this for multiple reasons:

- it has a full soft leather upper. Ray Rose uses really good quality combination of suede and leather and you can see and feel it. The upper is flexible, comfortable but durable. No need to "break" them, they're ready to wear out of the box.

- short heel: it is not the pointed or flared heels of regular competition footwear, but a flat contoured heel that allows for more stability especially during these trial/practice hours.

- Short shank/split sole: for those lovely pointed toes, the breeze will help you be still fully in control of your arch and feeling the floor. The heel shank is short and stops right past the heel.

These are to me what makes this shoe the best of all brands, but there are other added functionalities that are value adding: antibacterial lining, latex support arch, etc...

If you are searching for an awesome practice shoe, this one is for you. Make sure to watch out size conversions when ordering, as the UK sizing is different than the US one.

I want to hear from you! let me know what you think and what is for you the Best Practice Shoe you have found.

These are available on multiple dance website and on amazon as well :

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